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How it all Started

Maison Madelon grew out of a simple project that began in 1998 called “The Little Sisters Creations”. These creations started with simple gingerbread cookies, and evolved to include corporate gift baskets and other party favours. The project involved Madelon and her children having fun, learning about responsibly and building a small business all at the same time. The little sisters were quite industrious, and before they knew it they were receiving orders from local businesses and community organisations. They were asked to give a workshop at the McCord Museum and started gaining exposure in the Montreal area. Business was growing faster than expected! In 2001 Madelon stopped homeschooling and the girls started going to school. Madelon took over “The little Sisters Creations” and Maison Madelon was born!

Maison Madelon Now

Since 1998 the company has evolved and expanded in our business practice and our product offering. Maison Madelon now specializes in gourmet spice blends, season salts and peppers. We strive to continuously search for new exciting blends and expirment with different mixtures. We have stayed true to our roots and continue to offer a fabulous selection of gourmet gifts, baskets, and specialty party favours!

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