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Tantalize your taste buds with our selection of original all natural spice blends! Montreal steak spice Maple Pepper blend Maison Madelon Mexicano Chipotle spice Maple Pepper blend maison madelon salt free Mapple Pepper Maison Madelon salt free Chipotle Maple Maison Madelon salt free Ginger Maple blend Maison Madelon salt free Five Pepper blend Maison Madelon Lemon Dill sea salt Maison Madelon Lemon Oregano sea salt Maison Madelon Five Pepper sea salt

Our signature spice blends in grinders make it simple for you to add aroma and flavour to every meal. Make at home cooking gourmet by adding Maison Madelon to your cuisine!

- Madelon

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