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Our Gourmet Seasonings

Our robust Montreal Steak Spice has a provocative aroma, combined with its pungency it will literally make you salivate over your next steak. Containing the tenderizing ingredients found in pickling spices combined with pepper and thyme, dehydrated onion, garlic and red bell pepper, our Montreal Steak Spice, will not only enhance the taste of your steak, but will also be the perfect seasoning for roasted vegetables and potatoes.

Our uniquely Canadian blend of maple pepper seasoning will tantalize your taste buds. An aromatic combination of maple sugar, salt, pepper and savory spices, will enhance the flavour of salmon, scrambled eggs, pork, ketchups and fruit sauces.

Our Thai spice combines an aromatic blend of ginger, garlic and sesame with a burst of lime! Hot peppers add just the right amount of heat we expect in Thai cuisine. Delicious on fish, rice, stir fries, salads and even popcorn! 

Our Mexicano Chipotle blend, is a fusion of some of the best spice combinations found around the world. Inspired by Cajun, Mexican, French, Italian and Middle Eastern cooking, it is one of the most versatile all-purpose seasonings. Delicious on sea food, roasted vegetables, tomato sauces, tacos, beans, hummus, rice and beans, eggs and many other dishes! A necessity in every pantry.

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